Why use a certified professional?

Traditionally the professions, such as Medicine and the Law, are areas where the professional advisor must advise a client in the client’s best interests, regardless of the professional’s own, and where failure to comply with this professional ethic will lead to sanctions by the body regulating that profession. This also requires the professional to alert the client to any areas where he/she believes that the client is “doing the wrong thing”.

In the UK, the Gold Standard is membership of a professional institute at a level controlled by the Privy Council through a Royal Charter. Look for a Chartered Engineer (C Eng) or Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

Why use a qualified IT Architect?

An architect should take a broad view of any situation, including:

Architects are trained to take this wider view of how IT can serve the business. Development staff are normally too focused on the current code and existing technical issues to be effective. Indeed existing employees are likely to have biases based on past involvement: studies show that few organizations are able to cancel large projects that have already failed to meet key objectives – they cannot accept that the financial (and political) investment has been largely wasted. An external Architect will take a more realistic view.

An IT Architect can work with you to create a Roadmap for future development that your IT staff can carry forward.