Architecture in Collaborative R&D

Large, multi-partner, £ multi-million projects such as those sponsored by the European Union under the Framework Programme (currently Horizon 2020) and similar projects funded by Innovate UK, are prone to:

If partners focus purely on their own responsibilities and costs, there may be no-one to ensure:

It is therefore important to have a single Architectural Vision at an early stage, which all parties sign up to. As the project proceeds, this Vision should be refined to ensure that partner responsibilities remain clearly defined and monitored.

The project architecture must also be sufficiently flexible to allow any high risk research workitems to fail or produce unexpected results, without seriously damaging other partners' investment.

We would recommend our involvement as follows:

We have experience from a range of consortia and programmes, that we can draw on to help your project succeed, including roles as Partner Manager, Consortium Project Manager and Consortium Chief Architect. One of our successful projects had 11 partners, spread across 7 countries, with over 100 man years of software engineer effort.